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Battle of the Fittest

Battle of the fittest was founded in 2014



Our mission is to showcase the region's most outstanding basketball talent collection. We want to find out who the best of the best are!

St. Maarten and the neighboring Caribbean Island have the most extraordinary collection of basketball talent, and we want to find out who the fittest of the fittest is. And with $5,000 up for grabs, we’re making it worth their while to prove it.

In addition to the tournament itself, Battle of The Fittest also features a 3-point contest, slam dunk and half-court shot, food, music, and prize drawings, making for a festival-like atmosphere that caters as much to families and fans as it does to the players competing.

Promoters have pledged to donate all proceeds from the half-court shot contest to a local charity, but competitors need not worry; the secret grand prize that will be awarded to the winner is theirs to keep.

Similar events have come through the area, but nothing unique like the Battle of The Fittest, which is as much a basketball celebration in our community as it is a competition.


Our  Team Members:

Shawn Green
Curtlyn Warner
William Barry


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